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Importing a Swish Movie to Macromedia Flash

Swish is a cool tool that allows you to create various text animations in a minute.

(Click image below to download the plug-in)

1 In your Swish program, export your movie to .SWF format (File>Export to SWF)

Figure 1
2 In your Macromedia Flash, create a new or open an existing movie.  Insert a new Movie Symbol (Insert>New Symbol) and choose movie clip, then hit OK (see Figure 1).

Now, import the Swish movie (.SWF) File>Import.  Go back to your main movie.

Figure 2
3 Open your library (View>Library) and look for the "Swish Animation" movie clip (see Figure 2).

Add a new layer (Insert>Layer).  Highlight the "Swish Animation" movie clip in your library then drag this over to your current scene.

4 That's it! Press [CTRL+Enter] to preview your movie :)

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