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(Click image below to download the plug-in)

1 Start a new movie [CTRL+N] .  Modify the size of your movie (Modify>Movie) to 200x100 pixels.
2 Activate Flash Graphics Library window (Library>Window) and drag out the "Egg" graphics symbol onto your movie.

3 Right-click your mouse at Frame 10 and choose Insert Keyframe

4 Go to the last frame (Frame 10)

While at Frame 10, start dragging the "Egg" symbol to the right side of your movie.  You can also use the "right" arrow key of your keyboard.

5 Double-click your mouse at Frame 1 to activate the frame properties dialogue box.  Go to Tweening Tab and follow the same settings as shown below.

6 Your timeline should appear something like this

Press [Enter] to preview your animation.

7 To rotate the "Egg" graphics symbol, repeat step 5 and follow the same settings as shown below.

This settings will rotate your image in a clockwise direction 1x before it reaches frame 10


8 You can also resize the image using the Scale Tool .  Go the Frame 10, choose the scale tool and enlarge your image.

9 You can also apply a fade effect.  Go to Frame 10, click on Modify>Instance and under the color effect tab, choose "Alpha" for the color effect and adjust the value to zero.

NOTE: If you use Pencil, Oval, Rectangle or Line tool to create shapes or draw objects, you need to convert them to symbol (by pressing F8) before you can apply a motion tween.

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