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1 Start a new movie [CTRL+N] .  Modify the size of your movie (Modify>Movie) to 150x150 pixels.

2 Enter any text on your main movie by clicking on the Text Tool Button .  I used a Times New Roman font on this example and font size = 150.  Use your mouse or your keyboard arrow to center the text.
3 While the text is highlighted, break it apart  by pressing [CTRL+B] or (Modify>Break Apart)
4 Right-click your mouse on Frame 20 and insert a Blank Keyframe.  Your animation will start from Frame 1 and will end at Frame 20.


5 Enter any text at Frame 20 by using the Text Tool Button .  Break apart the new text by pressing [CTRL+B]

6 Double-click your mouse at Frame 1 to activate the Frame Properties window.  Follow the same settings as shown below. 

Your timeline should appear like the one shown on the left.

7 For more complex shape changes, Macromedia Flash has a Shape Hint where you can mark starting and ending points.

To do this, click on Frame 1 then press [CTRL+H] to add a shape hint and move the shape hint (see example) to the point you want to mark.

8 Go to to the last keyframe (Frame 20) and move the shape hint that corresponds to the first point you have marked.
9 Go to Frame 1 and add another shape hint [CTRL+H] as shown at the left image.

Go the last frame and move the shape hint  "b" as shown below.


shape hint applied
10 Preview your animation by pressing [Enter] and start noticing the difference :)

without shape hint

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