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You can think of layers as transparent papers stacked on top of each other. By default, when you start a new Flash movie, it contains one layer.  You can add more layer as your movie becomes more complex or if you want your movie to be more organized.   You can edit the objects in one layer without affecting the others, so this makes it a lot easier for you to add a new animation over another animation.

The tutorial below will show you a simple use of layers =)

1 Start a new movie [CTRL+N] .  Modify the size of your movie (Modify>Movie) to 200x100 pixels.
2 Change the name of the current layer (Layer1) to "Square" by double-click on the word "Layer1"

3 Add another layer and name this layer "Circle"

4 Draw a circle at Frame 1 on Circle Layer and add a simple motion tween.  To do this, highlight the circle object and convert this to graphics symbol by pressing F8.  Choose graphics and enter any name for your symbol.   Add a simple motion tween by following the tutorial here.

The animation shown is being done at Circle layer.


5 Make "Square Layer" the current layer. Place a rectangular object on this layer and do a simple motion tween animation.

Sometimes, it may be a bit confusing seeing the objects on the other layer.  You can hide the other layers (see image at left) and unhide it later on.

The animation shown is an example of 2 animation done on two separate layers.

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