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(Click image below to download the plug-in)

1 Start a new movie .


2 Create a button or you can use the Flash built-in button library (Libraries>Button).  I am going to use the Flash built-in button for this tutorial.  Drag the Push Bar button onto your movie.
You can duplicate the button by click the button once on your movie, hold down the [CTRL] key and drag your mouse.

3 Add a new layer and name this layer "Labels".  Make the new layer the active layer.  Place a name for each of your buttons using the Text Tool .


4 Pick the Arrow Tool then double-click the first button (try to avoid clicking on the label), this will bring up the button's Instance Properties.  Click on the Actions Tab,  then add action by clicking on the plus sign and choose "Get URL".  Enter the target URL under the URL field as shown in the image below.

5 Repeat step 4 for the rest of the buttons.

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