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Author:  Row Whittle of Gadget'n'Gizmoz

1 In PSP: Create your text on a black background using the color, font and size you want.

2 Crop the image using the crop tool ensuring you leave a border around the text

3 Get your image into AS2 (Copy form PSP & Paste to AS2)

4 Insert a blank image at the start and end of the animation and flood fill with black (you should now have frames 1=blank, 2=text, 3=blank)

5 Select frame 1 and choose "Effects->Insert Image Effect". Choose "wipe" from the drop down list, Choose a duration of 2 sec at 10fps

6 Click on customize and use the following [slide first frame=unticked][slide last frame=unticked]

7 You should now have

8 With the frames still selected choose "Effects->Apply Image Effect" and choose "stained glass" from the drop down list.

9 Click on customize and use the following Settings (make sure red & green for light source are both in center)

10 Ok Customize, OK apply Effect

11 Click on the last frame of the stained glass effect (frame 21)

12 Select "Effects->Apply Image Effect" (you are applying an image effect to one frame)

13 Use the previous stained glass settings.

14 Click on the frame prior to this (frame 20)

15 Select "Effects->Insert Image Transition and choose a "Fade" Transition. Set the length to 0.4 sec

16 Click on the last frame that has a stained glass effect (Frame 25) and insert another fade transition using exactly the same parameters

17 Click on the next to last frame (Frame 30) and insert another fade transition using the same settings.

18 Delete any frames from the start of the animation that are repeat blanks(Click on them and hit CTRL-X) (Should be frames 1 and 2 in this test.

19 Select frame 1 and select "Animation->Frame Properties". Set the display time to 100 (for 1 second)

20 Select the frame that has the solid text (Frame 27 in this test)

21 Select "Animation->Frame Properties". Set the display time to 100.

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