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Author: Row Whittle of Gadget'n'Gizmoz

This will show you how to combine an animation with a layered PSP image. If these are the layers in your image:-

(You can get a copy of the PSP file here)

1 In AS2, Create a transparent animation the same size as your PSP image (200x200 in this example)

2 Export the frame to PSP "File->Export frames to PSP"

3 In PSP select your image and make sure the animated layer is selected

4 Copy the layer (CTRL-C) and paste into the exported frame "Paste->As new selection" (CTRL-E)

5 De-float the layer (CTRL-D) and close the image "File->Close". Select "yes" in the window that pops up

The next bit will animate the layer. For this I am just going to use a wipe transition

6 Copy the image (CTRL-C) and paste as new frame (CTRL-L)

7 Click on frame 1 and select "Effects->Insert Image transition"

8 Select "Wipe" from the drop down list and a duration of 1 sec at 1fps. Customize as follows:-
[Slide first frame=ticked]
[Slide last frame=ticked]
[Wipe direction=Vertical/Top to bottom]
[Preserve transparency=unticked]

9 Delete the last frame. You should now have an 11 frame animation.

10 In PSP select the background layer and copy it "Edit->copy" (CTRL-C)

11 In animation shop, paste as new animations "Edit->paste->as new animation" (CTRL-V)

12 Select "Edit->paste->as new frame" (CTRL-L)

13 Repeat step 12 until there are 11 frames (Same number as the text animation)

14 Click on the text animation and select all frames "Edit-Select all" (CTRL-A) and copy them "Edit->copy" (CTRL-C)

15 Click on the background frames, select all frames "Edit-Select all" (CTRL-A)

16 Select "Edit->copy->into selected frames
You now have the text animating over the background

17 In PSP select the foreground layer and copy it "Edit->copy" (CTRL-C)

18 In AS2, click on the first frame of the combined text/background animation and select "edit->paste->into selected frame" (CTRL-E)

19 Repeat step 18 for all frames.
You now have the text animated in front of the background layer but passing behind the foreground layer.

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