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Combining Effects
Author: Row Whittle of Gadget'n'Gizmoz

This will show you how to combine 2 animations. It is in effect animating with layers

1 Create 2 animations using the 2 spin animations. (Do not resize the text wheel animation)

2 Load the 2 animations into AS2 (They must be the same length (hopefully 22 frames if both tutorials were followed to the letter)

3 Select the first animation and select all frames (CTRL-A)

4 Copy the frames "Edit->Copy" (CTRL-C)

5 Select the second animation and select all frames (CTRL-A)

6 Select "Edit->Paste->into selected frame" (CTRL-E)
All the frames should paste over the animation.

The order the cut and paste is done effects whether anim 1 is on top of anim 2 or vice versa. You can use this technique for all types of layer animation.

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