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Sparkle Animation

This is a very simple animation file using four frames. First, I created a new image, clone it and apply some sparkle on different areas of each image. Then save each image on a different file name. Take a look at the images below.


Oh, how do I apply these sparkles? Download the Paintshop Pro White Sparkle Tube (Winzip format) from the Hood PSP Tubes and extract it into your Paintshop's Tube folder (normally under C:\Program Files\Paint Shop Pro 5\Tubes). Once installed, click on the Tubes icon and start applying "white sparkles".

** Click here if you need help in installing downloaded tubes.

Once images are ready, start your Animation Shop software and add all four images (in any order). On this animation, I have set the delay to 30 and image to be looped indefinitely. Have fun and good luck.

Final Image

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